Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Now I Know My ABC’s ~ Rr is for Robot

The Robot Book by Heather Brown
Summary: What are robots made from? What makes a robot tick? It isn’t a gear or a bolt but what is in the heart. The interactive nature of this book (moving parts on the pages) capture the imagination of young children.
Letter Theme Ideas:
We started off our robot week with a Letter R sensory bin. After seeing the robot sensory bin that Counting Coconuts put together, I knew that my girls would love one too. This took me 5 min. to throw together. I put our letter R objects and materials for the girls to build their own robots. We hid the letter R objects and letters in the fill. Then the girls glued together their own robots.
I cut out a letter R from a piece of sandpaper. Then I taped it on the table and taped a piece of white paper over it. The girls did not see me place the sandpaper letter under the paper, so while they were rubbing, they were surprised when the R appeared. We talked about the sound R makes and then I lifted the paper so that they could feel the letter. How did it feel? (Rough) Rough has the same sound as what letter? I always try to work on the sounds of the letters while they are working. Sometimes we sing silly songs or think of other words that have the same sound.
We went over our Letter R poem and handwriting page.
Robot Theme Ideas:
little_robot Of course we had to build our own robot! My older children had just as much fun helping my younger kids create a robot mask out of an empty. box.
My daughter also built a robot out of her Bristle blocks.
robotmagnetsteachpreschool (photo used with permission from Teach Preschool)
I wanted to share this cool robot-building activity from Teach Preschool. I am planning on creating a set soon because it is a wonderful hands-on activity that leaves room for so much creativity. This would be an activity that toddlers and preschool could easily do independently. Deborah created a magnetic robot building station for her preschool students. I love this idea!
Robotcoloringpage Robot_Preschool_Pack_Button_copy
We also colored a robot coloring sheet (see link below) and used some of the printables from Homeschool Creation’s Robot Preschool Pack.
Letter Rr poem and coloring page
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Teach Preschool said...

You can share photos with a link from my site any time:) No need for all the formality! A great set of ideas here - I love robots!!

Leeanne A said...

Robots rock! Love these ideas!