Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simply Made ~ The Funny Font Book

One of the things I've noticed over the years as I've interacted with children and books, is that depending upon the font used, children may have trouble identifying the letters. I've recently noticed my son has hit this stage and knew it was time to pull out "The Funny Font Book." When I went digging in my boxes of school materials from my teaching past, my "Funny Font Book" wasn't in good shape anymore and I had to make another one. Luckily, you get to benefit as well! (Download below)

The Purpose of  "The Funny Font Book":
We live in a world full of fonts. Advertising, environmental print, and books all have various fonts that serve different purposes aesthetically. Depending on the font, certain letters can look differently, making it hard for young learners to identify the letter...even if they might already know it.

For example,
To help children become aware of these "funny letters", we need to draw their attention to them and help them become familiar with them.

While I am using the typical "teacher" handwriting to teach my son, we are still addressing the "funny letters". One of the ways that we are addressing these "funny letters" at our house is through the use of "The Funny Font Book."

  1. Download The Funny Font Book from my blog.
  2. Print. (I suggest using cardstock for durability.)
  3. Laminate. (This is optional, but I HIGHLY recommend it!)
  4. Punch holes in the left side and insert Metal Book Rings.
  5. Explore the book and draw attention to the "funny letters" with your child.
  6. For more fun, try some extension activities mentioned in the download with your child.
  7. Enjoy!


Jocie Perotti said...

Thank you, Thank you! I made an alphabet book but could not figure out how to get those other letters in there beside printing them off and taping them into the book. Now I can get those "funny letters" for my 3 year old to get used to!

Giggly Girls said...


ponad siebie said...

I found your blog very inspiring therefore I decided to leave you an award on my blog:

Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us

Sara M. said...

You're welcome Jocie! Enjoy!