Monday, June 1, 2009

In My Heart ~ Exodus 20:12

Our family loves to incorporate God's word in everything we do. We teach the children from an early age to pray and to ask God for all they need. We believe that the children can learn and understand God's word the more they hear us using it and sharing it with them. We have seen this with our four youngest...who are 4, 3, 28 months and 18 months. We use DVD's that teach bible verses, songs about Jesus, songs about the bible and movies that tell them specific stories from the bible. We read many books to them that also incorporate the word of God. Some of their favorites are:

When our children disobey us, the first thing we ask them is, "what does God tell you to do?" They know the correct response is, "honor your Father and Mother."

We then ask them, "Is what you did just now a good way to honor Daddy or Mommy?" They know the answer to this from an early age, "no".

Even our 18 month old knows that she is not allowed to scream at us or to us for something she wants. She knows that when she does this, her actions are telling us she is not honoring us.

By using all the tools attached here today, you can begin helping your children learn this very important verse quickly.

Upon waking up, recite it to them and with them. Even if they are not talking yet, act like they are as you say it to them slowly. Tell them what it means to honor you. Give them examples. God gives us many examples in His word for us to know exactly how to honor Him.

We honor God by obeying Him.

We honor God by using our mouth for love.

We honor God by listening when He tells us something.

We honor each other by helping and serving one another.

We honor our friends by sharing and letting them go first.

It is important for children to know that before anything they want, honoring you as the parent must come first. They must learn to honor you or they will struggle with desiring to honor God whom they can't see.

Encourage your children using this verse as well. When they do something that pleases you or that you asked them to do without any fuss, praise them and say, "that was a wonderful way to honor Mommy/Daddy! Great job! Thank you for wanting to honor me with your actions, words, etc."

Something I like to remind myself is the word of God is first for instruction/encouragement, reproof and lastly correction. Try to use the word of God to encourage your children and teach them how joyful their lives will be when they allow it to direct their life!

Since this is our very first In My Heart feature, I wanted to share our thoughts with you on how to use the printable files we are offering. You can find the PDF files to download for free here!

First, you will find a poster to hang up (image at top of post), this is just that-a simple visual reminder of the verse you are working on.

Second, is a different poster, that has rebus pictures (images over the words they represent). This might be useful for an older tot or older siblings to help remind them of certain words with image. Third is the verse broken up on small cards to print on card stock and cut out. This would be useful also for an older tot who might be beginning to read, or for an older sibling. You can mix the cards up and have the child put the verse back in order.
Next is the verse set to a familiar tune. Yes, I made these up so if they don't make sense, I am so sorry-I did my best to write it out in a way you would understand! I know music helps me and my little ones remember things, which is why this is included with each verse Finally, you will find the verse in a mini-book form. Your can cut these apart and use as cards or staple them together as a mini book to read together. Each page adds on more of the verse. There's also a place to write your tot's name on the first card. I plan to use them as cards as we are learning the verse and then staple it together when we finish it.
After we complete the verse work for a particular verse, I plan to put all of the items together in a special 3 ring binder so we can always come back to the verses we have learned. I will use a sheet protector to hold the pages from one verse, with the cover poster on top. After we get going with this, I will share our photos of this!

I hope you enjoy hiding God's Word in your tot's heart, we'd love to see you using these items on your blogs, be sure to share a link in the comments if you write a post!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely feature! I plan on sharing this with my girls (5 & 3) this wee. :0)

Goat Gal said...

Great feature! Another wonderful scripture to go along with this one is Ephesians 6:1.
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right

Unknown said...

Hi there! I love this! But when I tried to print the posters off, the words are blacked out:( Am I the only one having this problem?

On a side note, wanted to leave a note that I have given you an award at my place:)

Carisa said...

If anyone else has success or failure with printing, please let me know in the comments. When I click through the link the pdfs show up fine for me.


Chic Mama said...

I too am having the problem with the words (I have had the same problem with some of the totbooks, but not all). I am so bummed! The PDF download doesn't show any wording, only graphic- some words are blacked out in gradient boxes and the rest just don't show up at all. I have a Mac, but am usually able to download pdfs without any problems.

John Paradis said...

we are a french speaking family and I was wondering if I can I modify the pdf in order to have the verse in French?


Unknown said...

Alrighty! If your having problems seeing the words like me, you need to update your Acrobat reader! I did that and wa la it was fixed:)

Chic Mama said...

Well, bummer! I just updated my reader and the words still aren't showing up! What a disappointment! Anyone else found a way to get it to work?