Monday, June 8, 2009

In My Heart ~ Proverbs 16:24

I love this scripture because we have bees! We’ve tasted real honey, raw and in its natural state, there’s just nothing sweeter or more tongue tickling than honey. There are so many opportunities throughout the day for words to be spoken. In house with children, it’s easy to forget to be kind. Sometimes I feel more like a drill sergeant than a soft-spoken, kind-hearted momma.

When I see my littlest child doing something kind, like throwing away a piece of trash without being asked or giving a hug to someone, I say, “Oh Laffy Taffy, you are so kind!” At this point, he’s still learning what kindness is and he needs to be reaffirmed often to grasp its meaning. Also, at this point, while he has some spoken words, he’s not saying unkind things to anyone, yet.

When I hear my preschooler say something unkind, which she is prone to do, I will say, “Bubble Gum, that is not how the Lord wants us to talk to each other, remember your words need to be like honey-sweet and yummy. Now let’s think of some “honey” words you can say instead." ( I love to see them make things right with the sibling they offended.) My preschooler is also known to speak her mind, in regards to how things, or shall I say people, smell? BLUSH. This particular child has embarrassed me often! Yet, here is another opportunity to teach kindness and “honey” words. She doesn’t know it’s unkind to say, “That lady stinks Mom!” So after I walk away praying said lady didn’t hear her…I talk about kindness and how those were not sweet words to that lady’s ear.

My kindergartner, loves to read and write bible verses. It makes him feel very grown up, especially if he can read them to the entire family. So for him, he gets to practice his handwriting with this simple scripture, and once he has written it his very best, he can bring it to the table during our morning bible study, and read it to the group, just like the older children read the Word. This affirms to him the importance and value of the word and builds up his confidence in the Word at the same time.

For my older children, who can and do read the scriptures, the best way I can teach it to them is by living it out right. They are my best judges, the ones who keep me in line because I am constantly worrying about being hypocritical in their eyes. If they have heard me talking to the younger ones about “honey” words, have they heard me speaking sweetly to them, to their Dad, to the telemarketer who interrupted school time? They have felt the sting of harsh words, they have seen the pain in words poorly spoken and they know the truth when they see it and hear it!

I love to teach my children scripture by living the scripture!

Lord help me to be true to your Word and live it in a way that glorifies you and brings these little ones to your feet!

Go here to find the PDF files for our verse this week!


sealofsteel said...

Thank you so much for the time, energy, and work you put into these. I had been looking for verses to teach my little ones and wasn't sure where to start. I stumbled upon your site and am so happy that I found it. I have printed many of your projects so far. I can't wait to start using them. We will start last weeks Bible verse this week and run a week behind you. Thank you for all of your help.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I needed this right this moment!! Thanks!

Chic Mama said...

Still so bummed that the words won't download on these PDFs for me! I wish I could figure out what the deal is! I would love to use them!