Friday, June 26, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ PBS Sprout

Although we do have PBS at home, we do not have PBS Kids Sprout as part of our cable truthfully, I can't tell you much about the programing on the channel other than what I've read online. I can tell you about the PBS Kids Sprout website though, since I do have access to that! Our kids love to play on the regular PBS Kids site, but we have never visited the Sprouts site before I reviewed it ~ and our kids will be thrilled to have it added to our list of fun kid sites!

PBS Kids Sprout is a 24 hour preschool network for kids ages 2-5 {and their parents too}. The site provides a multitude of areas for you and your child to explore:
  • Games: You can search for a game based on TV characters you enjoy, or you can search by the type of game you would like to play: fine motor, literacy building, numbers/counting, problem solving, etc... Each week Sprouts features a different game. You can also save your favorite games, making them quick to find the next time you visit.

  • Video & Music: Watch Sprout online and pick the episodes you would like to watch. Find episodes by searching on a topic, show name, newest shows uploaded or watch a featured show.

    Sprout is also available 'to go' with both music and videos. There is an itouch/iphone app for Sprout {FREE}. For the sake of an accurate review, I had to download and use it {I'm willing to sacrifice myself like that for you all}. They have a bunch of free podcasts available for download ~ rather handy when it comes time for a doctor's office visit! For those without access to the 24 hour Sprout channel, you can watch episodes of shows this way too.

  • Crafts & Coloring: A multitude of craft ideas, including printable coloring pages and more. Search by character or look for something quick and easy. They also have a section for party craft ideas!

  • Recipes: There are over 9 pages of recipes to make with your kids! The recipes give you a type {lunch/dinner/snack} and also the time required to make them. Very fun!

  • Gallery: You can browse around in here and see things that other kids and families have created. This is a place to share with the Sprouts community.

  • Activities: Includes demonstrations of sign language, various discovery activities {animal habitats}, and exercises/stretches.
Access to the site is available to anyone, but you can also create a free account to access additional features including uploading videos or artwork, a private My Refrigerator page - to show off family pics and artwork to friends and family, and monthly newsletters.

Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! To see more featured sites, click here!


Amy said...

We love this FREE site!

Shannon said...

We have PBS Sprout and it's wonderful. It is the only channel I feel totally comfortable letting the boys watch. They truly love all of the shows. They all have good themes and are education.