Thursday, June 11, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Fish Wish-Ocean Week 2


Fish Wish
by Bob Barner

Summary: Join a young boy on his underwater journey through a coral reef and some of the animals who live there.

Craft: Fish Watercolor

What You'll Need
  • White Construction Paper
  • White Crayon
  • Blue Watercolor or Food Coloring
  • Paint Brush
To Make:
  1. Draw fish and waves on the white construction paper.
  2. Have your LO paint the paper with blue watercolor so the fish appear.
Math: Goldfish Counting

Check out my blog Teaching My Little Bookworm! for a neat Goldfish counting activity!

Three Little Fish

(from Preschool Education)

Sung to: "Three Blind Mice"

Three little fish, three little fish

(hold up three fingers)

See how they swim, see how they swim

(make swimming motion with arms)

Round and Round and fast they go

("swim" fast - sing fast)

Now they are going very slow

("swim" slow-also sign slow)

Three little fish, three little fish

(hold up 3 fingers again)

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