Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Isabella is the second oldest of four kids. She's 47 months old with a 5 year old sister, 2 year old sister, and 1 year old brother! She's our wild and crazy one, the one who keeps us laughing. Isabella can usually be found in high heels, a feather boa, and some type of costume. She never wants to wear "clothes," only dresses. (To her, anything that's not a dress is labeled clothes). Isabella can be found most days looking through our very extensive collection of children's books (It was hard to list favorites for her because she really enjoys them all). Isabella loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake in her pajamas and would stay that way all day if I let her! But being a former schoolteacher, we only get videos in short doses. Isabella is ready to be "big like Abby (her sister)" so that she too can go to kindergarten. She says she'll "love homework" and that she needs to go too. Isabella has a sweet tooth the size of Texas too! She loves chocolate!

Her Top Ten Tot School Tools...
  1. M & Ms (We use these for math counting and adding activities)
  2. Play-doh
  3. Watercolors
  4. Vtech Write and Learn Writing Pad Letter Alphabet
  5. Leapster
  6. Chalkboard with colored chalk
  7. Sidewalk chalk
  8. Melissa and Doug puzzles
  10. Ziploc bags (for collecting bits of nature!)

Her Favorite DVDs/TV Shows...
  1. Strawberry Shortcake (any and all episodes!)
  2. Handy Manny
  3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  4. Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Her Favorite Books...
  1. Princess Penelope's Parrot
  2. Any Berenstein Bears book
  3. Any Strawberry Shortcake book
  4. D.W. Flips!
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