Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Over in the Ocean...Ocean Week 1


Over in the Ocean by Marianne Berkes

Summary: Admire the creatures whose home is a coral reef. Includes finger or hand movements for each fish's action. The art in this book was shaped entirely from polymer clay.

Ocean Waves Bottle:


  • 2 liter (or a water bottle for a more personal size)
  • Blue tinted water
  • Oil
  • Glue

To Make:

  • Add Oil 1/3 full
  • Add Blue tinted water to the bottle till about 2/3rd full now
  • Glue Lid on and lay on its side and swish and see the waves!
** Can add ocean beads or funfoam shapes to your ocean too!**

** when you shake it up the liguid turns kinda greenish and my oldest said it looked like the ocean with seaweed then!**

Take Me Out to the Ocean (author unknown: Preschooleducation)
Sung to: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Take me out to the ocean

Take me out to the sea

There goes a starfish and sand dollar,

I'm having such fun, I've just got to holler

Oh, it's swim, swim, swim, underwater

Catch a ride on a whale, don't fear,

For the sea animals are our friends,

Let's give a great big cheer!

Special Ocean Lunch: Funny Days with Mommy and Maddie made up a really cute Muffin Tin Monday you might want to make for your Lo for Ocean day you can even make the little mermaid her little girl made too!

Also check out my blogs for fun ocean activities and more books!

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L2L said...

oh the ocean what a fun summer topic. one of our favorite ocean foods to cook are ramen noodles with hotdogs on top. I cut the hot dog in half and then slice the sides to give it legs like an octopus. I even dye the broth so that it looks like the ocean. Always a winner in our house!!!

kpatton said...

I look forward to trying this out.  Have been meaning to make an ocean bottle.  I am working on a water animals theme.  I will throw this in.  Thanks.