Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's a special day for our featured tot! It is his birthday TODAY!!!
Happy Birthday Keiran!

Keiran is 23 months old and is the youngest of five. He has a lot of siblings to play with him and he loves spending time outdoors. He loves animals, animal noises, bugs, lizards, birds, and fish. Keiran has recently become quite a chatterbox and repeats anything he hears. He loves to sit and play with mommy and also loves his sisters Polly Pockets and his brothers Legos.

His Top Ten Tot School Tools...
1. Little People barn and animals
3. All the Schleich animals
4. Leapfrog Learning Town - we have them all
6. Melissa and Doug wooden animal puzzle
9. Sand box and Lakeshore Learning dinosaur excavation set and trucks
10. Lakeshore Learning fishing pole and fish set for water play

His Favorite DVDs/TV Shows...
2. Yo Gabba Gabba
3. Noodlebug DVDs
4. Baby Einstein DVDs

His Favorite Books...
1. The Wide Mouth Bullfrog
3. Around the Yearby Tasha Tudor
5. All Eric Carle's board books

Keiran's Mommy blogs at... The Tie that Binds Us
You can also find her at... Our Lifestyle of Learning

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