Friday, February 13, 2009

Crafty Corner ~ Heart Fish

I saw a post on the Crafty Crow last week that showed making animals out of hearts. We are studying fish/sharks this week, so I decided to have the kids make heart fish. You could easily adapt this to make your hearts into different animals or even other creations!

If you'd like to make a fish, here's what we did...

Materials Needed:
  • Heart shapes (or you can draw freehand)
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors and glue
  • Optional: glitter or other decorations

Trace one large, three medium, and one small heart per fish...

Cut them out... Glue the large heart down, then the medium as the fins and tail, and finally the small one as lips... Then decorate with glitter or whatever you can think of!!!Here is Sweetpea's creation, she is 39 months old...
This Crafty Corner post was written by Abbie, you can visit her at her blog, Second Star to the Right and Straight on Till Morning. Thanks Abbie for sharing this great craft idea!


Megryansmom said...

I just love all these great Valentine's ideas.

Melanie said...

I love this idea!! I did it with my daughter this afternoon and just posted about it.