Friday, February 20, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ Starfall

I can't say enough about how much my tot, Krash (age 33 mos) LOVES Starfall! It is a wonderful FREE resource for parents. I also used the site with my oldest son (who is now almost 7), and he loved it too.

The best area for tots, is here...
The simple Alphabet section. You hold your tot close on your lap and cuddle while you watch a short presentation of each letter. Krash has his favorites, like the dancing ladybugs under L, or the girl who eats the jellybeans under J! He specifically asks for them! Here's Krash enjoying the dancing locks on the L page...
Playing this way with your tot is great since it gives them exposure to identifying letters in a fun way, plus they have to be close to you, which most tots love! It is also a good introduction to the computer as your tot watches you move the mouse and click around. Older tots will be able to possibly do this on their own!

If you are new to the site, you might want to read this, which is their explanation of how to use the site as a parent. it is very helpful.

Any aged tot could enjoy this site, IF your tot is interested. Some tots just won't like it-that's OK. Try it, and if there's no interest, wait awhile and then just try again. My oldest did not like it nearly as much as Krash does. Krash literally begs me to do letters each time he sees me on the computer. I think he would sit with me for hours if I'd let him!

We hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! Stay tuned for more featured sites!


Anonymous said...

My little guy also loves Starfall. He is great at using the mouse and clicking in all the right places all on his own. And he is learning his letters! He always asks to play 'the mouse game.'

Ruth said...

Starfall in a word? Fantabulous!

SJ loves it, and it's such a great learning tool. Absolutely fantabulous!

chubbycheeks said...

Both my older two love this site. I was just playing this with Sweetpea yesterday.

Anonymous said...

me and my LO loves Literacy Center it has tons of neat activities at different levels and she loves the puzzle alphabet and train alphabet! plus you can do it in spanish, german , and french too!

The Crafty Children's Librarian said...

As a children's librarian, I definitely recommend Starfall. We have put it on our children's computers at the library. It is a great way to start your tots on the road to reading.