Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Real with God ~

Daily Life Following

~Part Two~

When we met our youngest son we were strangers to each other. Although we had a picture of him and had been praying for him for months, we didn’t really know him. We didn’t know what to do to soothe him or what foods he liked. To him we must have looked so threatening We looked, talked, and even smelled different and he did not trust us one bit. A year and a half later and we are still on the verge in the trust area. When he does something wrong he is always waiting to see if we will reject him and often he will purposefully disobey just to see what we will do. He expects us to leave him and is almost surprised when we don’t. So sad for a small child. He doesn’t realize that he is our chosen child, that I had wanted him since I was a child myself. Our love doesn’t often penetrate his little heart because he spends so much time trying to keep a tight hold on the reins of control in his life. He fears our rejection and doesn’t trust our love therefore, he disobeys, acts out and runs away from it.

Trust is a BIG thing in the kingdom of God. Without it, it is impossible to know Him. When we don’t trust Him we run away from him. We close our ears to His voice and avoid His hand in our lives. We fear his judgment and hide our sin from him. Like my son, in our distrust we remain in darkness, finding it difficult to obey and even harder to love.

To daily life follow Him like we talked about last week, we must trust Him. We must believe that God’s plan, the Cross, worked. We don’t need to prove our worth to Him. We are made worthy because of His Son’s atonement sacrifice. As Danny Silk says in his book, Loving Our Kids on Purpose (a must read), “God is going to be OK no matter what we do. The Father’s attitude toward us in our sin is, “It’s all right,. But I need you to trust me, and I need you to hear me. We’re going to be OK. We’re going to make it through this…..I need you to come close to me, not to be afraid of me and run away. I need you to trust that I love you and that I am with you and for you. Come here.” If we don’t believe that He is for us that Christ’s sacrifice is enough to redeem us we will spend all our time trying to earn His love, not rest in it. Our lack of trust will hold us in bondage to fear. Fear that there is nothing we can do to earn His love. Hear this…..there is Nothing we can do to earn His love…..we already have it as demonstrated by His Son’s death.

When we don’t trust him we choose to believe that all He wants is to control our lives, to make things harder, to get us to obey. To daily life follow Him we must choose to believe what he really wants is a relationship with us, to give us freedom not to take it away. When He asks us to do something it isn’t for His benefit but for ours and His Kingdom. His commandments aren’t so that He can control us, they are so that we will know how to show Him we love Him and to help guide us into a relationship with Him…His ultimate goal. To daily life follow Him we must choose between the things that pull us into a relationship with the Father and those things that drag us away.

To daily life follow Him and trust in Him, we must realize that He is more concerned with our hearts than our behavior. When our hearts are turned towards Him, our ears are open to the Holy Spirit, and our Eyes focused on the Savior we will demonstrate our love for Him by our actions. Heart first…we must never let anything be more important than our heart’s connection to the Father’s and in doing so we will trust Him and walk in obedience.

Romans 3:22, We are made right in God's sight when we TRUST in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done.

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Tammany said...

I Soooooo needed to hear this met me right were I am and has lifted my spirit in warmth and my eyes to our Savior's love and acceptance.
Thank you~godluvzu2