Friday, July 3, 2009

Simply Made ~ Ocean Games

Looking for some more Ocean Themed ideas to build in with your summer school plans? Try this great file folder game!


Sheena said...

Just FYI, the link for the fishbowl game isn't working. It looks really cute though!

Zach and Beth said...

Bummer, the link for the Fishbowl Game says the blog has been deleted. My son is really into fish right now, so I have a feeling this may be something he'd actually sit down and do with me.

Jackie said...

The link for the fish bowl does not work. It says the blog has been removed. Do you know of another way to find this game?

Carisa said...

Sorry guys, I didn't realize she had deleted her blog, it worked when I prepared the post :-(

I have emailed the blog author to check and see if maybe she just moved her blog, but for now I have removed it.

SO sorry