Thursday, July 30, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Wemberly's Ice Cream Star


Summary: A mouse named Wemberly, who worries about everything, finds that patience, just like a frosty treat, will go a long way.

Ice Cream Shoppe

I made a really cute 'Ice Cream Parlor' for my girls to play with and they have had a blast! I used empty ice cream containers, empty syrup bottles, paper bowls, plastic spoons and pompoms for the ice cream with red and pink pom poms for the cherries! This has been a huge hit and I plan to do a different prop box idea each month! :) You can check it out at: Teaching My Little Bookworm.

Fine Motor

Spooning the ice cream: Have your LO practice spooning the pompom ice cream balls from the ice cream container to the ice cream bowl.

Craft Time

Craft Sundae: A cute addition to your ice cream parlor!

- Put cotton balls or fiberfill into a bowl (line the bottom with glue so it stays)
- Add brown tinted glue (tint glue with brown paint or food paste)
- Put a cherry on top! My girls wanted sprinkles to so we added glitter. You could add strawberry syrup (red glue) or pineapple syrup (yellow glue).

Snack Time

Ice Cream Sundae: Make a sundae together at home or take your LO out and treat them to a sundae at an ice cream shop.

Circle/Song Time

Ice Cream Poem

I like ice cream. Yes I do!
One scoop for me?
No! Make it two!
Hmmm...two scoops of ice cream,
I want more.
How about three?
No, make that four!
1, 2, 3, 4,
Splat! "Oh no! It's on the floor!"

More Ice Cream Fun

Ice Cream learning game

Sing the ice cream song and have LO add the scoops to the cone. For the 'splat' have them lift the sheet upright and watch them fall!

Perpetual Preschool Ice Cream Recipes.

No Time for Flashcards made a I ice cream cone

DLTK-KIDS has a neat page of Ice Cream activities

Ideas from Perpetual Preschool and Preschool Education Songs

Want to see what's coming next (and books we've done in the past)? Click here to see our Once Upon a Book webpage!


Christy said...

So cute. I heart Kevin Henkes.

L2L said...

what great ideas, I am starting circle time in august for my kiddos and I think Ice cream will have to be our first theme!!! thanks!!!!

Sheena said...

Thanks for the great ideas. I will totally be using these ideas when I do our I week.