Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner

Summary: Complete with an "actual size" chart and "bug-o-meter" listing fun facts about each insect, "Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!" is sure to inform and entertain little bug lovers everywhere.

Art Corner

Worms in the Grass: Take blue construction paper and finger paint it with green paint to make grass. Then take different lengths of brown yarn and have your LO glue them to the painting for 3-D worms in the grass.

Snail Searching: Have fun looking for snails. We haven't been able to find any snails this summer so far which is odd since usually we have tons! If you find one, be sure to keep it for the next activity!

A Snail is an artist! book


~ 1 to 2 pieces of paper
~ eyedroppers
~ markers
~ water colored with food coloring
~ live snail


1. Fold the paper in half and make it look like a book.
2. Have your LO draw a picture with markers on the left side of the 'book'.
3. Use the eyedroppers to drop colored water drops on the right side of the 'book'.
4. Put your snail on one of the drops. As the snail moves, his trail will make a picture.
5. Have fun!

Circle/Song Time

Create the homemade book {below} and sing this song together!

Hunting Bugs

Sung to: "A- Hunting we will go"

A-hunting we will go
A -hunting we will go
We'll catch a (insert any insect here)
and put it in a box
(loudly) and then we'll let it go!

Homemade Book: Go on a bug hunt and take your camera along. Once you or your LO find a bug ~ take a picture. Have the pictures printed up and make a homemade bug book!

Snack Time

Ants on a Stump: Take an apple and cut it in half so it is a circle. Spread peanut butter on the apple half. Add some raisins for the ants!

Ideas from: Perpetual Preschool and Preschool Education Songs

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