Monday, July 6, 2009

In My Heart ~ Psalm 136:1

As I mentioned before, our family loves to incorporate God's word in everything we do. We teach the children from an early age to pray and to ask God for all they need. We believe that the children can learn and understand God's word the more they hear us using it and sharing it with them. We have seen this with our four youngest...who are 4, 3, 29 months and 19 months. We use DVD's that teach bible verses, songs about Jesus, songs about the bible and movies that tell them specific stories from the bible. We read many books to them that also incorporate the word of God. Some of their favorites are:

Most of us know or sing the Michael W. Smith song - His love endures forever...sing praise, sing praise FOREVER God is faithful, Forever God is strong, Forever God is with us, forever, forever and ever. I don't know about you but I'm ready to hop out of my chair and lift my hands up in praise and worship to Him just by writing out the lyrics to that song.

We believe it is so important to learn and understand as early as possible that God's love never fails. His love never changes. God's love never stops. God's love is not like Mommy or Daddy's. God's love is bigger than everything you and I can see. God's love is so big -that He can hold the whole world in His hands.

Now that is overwhelming to me to comprehend, let alone our young children.

God's love is so big that He has the whole world in His hands? Yes, His love is that big!

God's love never fails? Yes, His love is perfect, holy and pure and without a single mistake ever to be made.

God's love conquers all? Yes, His love forgives the greatest of sins and embraces the greatest of sinners.

God's love is for everyone? Yes, it's for everyone! God sadly knows that not all will accept His gifts and love.

This is where God's goodness comes in - knowing that not everyone will accept, God has paved a way that those who don't accept it the first time His Son returns will be given one last chance. God opens the doors to heaven and all of eternity even to those who rejected Him before His return!

God is so good that He deserves our praises, worship and all honor and glory!

Because God is so good, it is important for us to want to please Him and show Him how much we love Him for being so good to us!

One way I do this with our children is make up songs in rhthym where I have them clap, snap or tap along. When they get their bodies into it - they seem to remember it more! Not to mention it is fun and burns up their never ending energy!

Today, go hold onto your children, then get up and dance, singing praises to God for He is good, forever!

Blessings from a Momma of 8!


Find the PDF files for Psalm 136:1 HERE!!!

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