Friday, July 17, 2009

Treats 4 Your Tot


Here are some more cool giveaways for tots/moms of tots, check them out below and let us know if you win something we told you about!!!!

Ergo Carrier (YES this is for tots! We still use ours with Krash on our's great!!!!), ends 7/27/09

Toilet Time Targets, ends 7/20/09

It's a Girl Thing, ends 7/24/09

Bebe au Lait Hooded Towel, ends 7/27/09

See Kai Run Shoes, ends 7/31/09

Kimochis Feeling Toy, ends 7/23/09

(another) Kimochis Feeling Toy, ends 7/20/09

Hazelaid Jewelry, ends 7/29/09

Story Tots Custom book, ends 7/29/09

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