Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet CJ...

CJ is 30 months old and full of energy, excitement, and wonder. From the time she wakes till she reluctantly lays her head down at night she is full steam a head. This girl loves grapes, go-gurts, and milk. She loves her dresses but only if she can wear her sneakers with them. Can't really call her a tom-boy but she's not exactly a girly girly either. Being the youngest she still has to forge her own way as she has two older brothers LJ 7 and JJ 5, who don't cut her any slack and she does her best to keep up with them in her own way. She hasn't met a fish or dog that she hasn't wanted to bring home and she can always be found doting on our two turtles. We love how CJ has changed the dynamics of our family and often wondered how we ever made it without her with us!!!!

Her Top Ten Tot School Tools...
-play doh
-wooden shapes puzzles
-Usborne baby books
-PlayTime Critters (little tikes Farm 3-D memory match-up)
-Giant Sticker Book
-color paints & crayons

Her Favorite DVDs/TV Shows...
-Mickey Mouse Club House
-Sponge Bob
-Baby Einstein
-Mickey Mouse in Living Color

Her Favorite Books...
-Jump Frog Jump
-Good Night Dog
-Cuddly Baby

CJ's Mommy blogs at... Learn to Love, Love to Learn

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