Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alphabet Mazes ~ Little Hands-on ABC’s and 123’s

little handson Abc 123 

Emily loves doing mazes and working with the alphabet, so I thought that this would be a fun way to put the two together. 


(click on the picture above to download)

I started with the letter “A” and continued with the whole alphabet in order, but it zig zags around the page like a maze, until you reach “Z” at the bottom of the page. 


Emily really loved using her Do-A-Dot Markers to cover each letter.  You can also have your child cover the letters with letter stickers or just color in the box with crayons or markers.

For more Alphabet and Number Mazes you can check out the printables page on my blog!

Little Hands-on ABC’s and 123’s is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on practical and simple ideas that you can do at home to help your tot develop their letter and number skills.


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