Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jack's Garden- Seed Observation ~ Once Upon a Book

   Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole


Science: Seed Observation


After reading Jack’s Garden and One Bean, set up a seed observation center. Open up some seed packs and place the seeds in an ice-cube tray. I used an ice-stick tray so that we could contain the seeds easily.

Observed and talk about the different characteristics of the seeds:

Which seed is the biggest seed?
Which seed is the smallest?
This seed is ______ (color).
What shape is this seed?
What do you think will grow from this seed?


The Montessori Print Shop has a wonderful set of “Plants We Eat” cards. I placed the correct seeds on the cards so that the children could see what would grow from that seed. Can you believe broccoli grows from such tiny seeds?


Look around your house for other types of seeds to observe. Can you find the seed in a banana? What about an orange? How about an avocado? In a previous Totally Tots garden post, Jenn shared several seed activities she did with her boys. They sorted seeds, sorted seed packets, and even made their own seed packets.




Last week I shared how I let my little girls plant their own herbs. Look how many seedlings we have already! They obviously did not follow the “only put 3 seeds in” rule. :)  Of course after reading One Bean, we will be planting beans too. We might try planting seeds in a cd case or on cotton balls. We’ve done this before and it is a wonderful way for young children to observe what happens to a seed once it is planted. For even more garden ideas, check out my Garden-themed Pinterest board.

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