Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plants Theme Sensory Bin ~ What's in the Tub?

It's time for more sensory fun! Our May theme is Plants here at Totally Tots. Here are a few simple ideas of what to include in your bin for your Tot to explore!

Plants Sensory Tub

What's included:
clippings from bushes in our yard
seeds from trees in our yard (maple seeds and pinecones)
two buckets
a shovel
a watering can
an ice cube tray
flowers to plant (in the ice cube tray, made from corks covered in felt)
Trees Toob
four large flower toys (dollar section at Target)
Nice weather and a Plants Bin - the logical thing was to play with this outside! Usually, I put the bins together while the kids are sleeping so they are a complete surprise. This time, I had them help me collect the seeds and my son (with supervision) helped me clip the bushes. (Might not have been the best choice to use his school scissors. I don't think they'll ever cut paper the same again, but he had a blast!)
The large flowers were a huge hit, despite my lack of pictures of them. I bent the stems into a spiral so they could slide them on their arms (and fit into the bin).
We looked for the largest and smallest leaves and felt them for different textures. Lydia loved "planting" and replanting the cork flowers, and calling out "timber" as she knocked down Aaron's rows of tress.
The options for this bin are almost endless! I'm sure you have plenty around your house, yard or neighborhood to teach your Tot more on plants. Take a nature walk and have them help you put it together.
What's in the Tub? is a monthly feature that focuses on fun sensory tub ideas to go along with the monthly theme at Totally Tots. Click here to see the past sensory tub ideas.

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Audenolivan said...

We're working on plants right now as well. I have early elementary kids, and I LOVE how the sensory tables are just as useful and fun for them. Thanks for always sharing.