Monday, May 21, 2012

Shape Builders ~ Simply Made

I like things that can be done quickly when preparing for my tots so we can get right down to the business of fun learning. In full disclosure, it took me longer to take the pictures for this blog post than it did to actually make this activity. Now, that's my kind of project prep!

shape builders 
Using simple pipe cleaners and straws, tots can build shapes, letters, or whatever they can imagine. This activity promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and problem solving.
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Straws
  • Scissors
  1. Cut the pipe cleaners in half, and then half again.
  2. Cut the straws. I cut mine just below the "joint" where they bend. You will want more than one length available for your shape building (example: rectangles need both long and short sizes)
To build shapes:
Bend a pipe cleaner in half, slide on a straw, and build!





You aren't limited to just can build letters, too!

letter builders

Providing these simple materials to my son has brought tons of enjoyment and open-ended fun. Sometimes I lead him in the activity, asking questions and using shape vocabulary, but other times I let him explore. I showed him how to make the shapes three dimensional. From then, he explored with his imagination.



Want to observe how I talk to him while I lead him in the activity, while trying not to tell him how to do it the "right" way? I posted a video on my blog to help you!



Shonda said...

This is an awesome idea, Sara!

Gabrielle said...

We've been discussing shapes a lot at our house lately. I think my K student will love this. Thanks for sharing!

Elsie said...

I love the open aspect of this play.  It would be such a great busy bag idea

Carol Hodam Castillo said...

Great idea ~ thanks for sharing it with us!