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Jack’s Garden: Bible Lesson ~ Once Upon a Book

 Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole 

Book Summary: A beautifully illustrated story based on the House That Jack Built, Jack’s Garden doesn’t just tell a story but teaches as well. It has labeled drawings of garden tools, insects in the soil, seeds, clouds, parts of plants, plants, butterflies, birds, and other insects.

Bible: God Cares for Me




Flower printable
small craft sticks
small paper cup
Flower song printable from Homeschool Creations

Hold up the “What Do Plants Need?” poster and sing the song (or read it).

“Plants need air, soil, water, and sunlight. Do you remember how God makes a flower? (from a seed). Remember how we put seeds in the soil and they grew?  The Bible says that God takes care of plants when they are growing. God knows exactly what the plants need! We are even more important to God than plants. Flowers don’t worry about when it is going to rain, or if they are going to get enough sunlight. They just grow. God loves us more than the flowers. That means we don’t have to worry about things. God will take care of us and make sure we have what we need. We can trust Jesus to take care of us.”

avaflowercoloring abbycoloring

Print the flowers onto white paper. Cut along the edge and fold in half. Have your children color the flowers.

After the flower is colored, fold the paper in half. Make a small slit in the center of the fold. Push a small craft stick through and tape down. Next use a glue stick to glue down all the edges.



Make a small hole in the center of the paper cup. Place the craft stick though. Now it looks like the flower was planted in a pot! Go over the Bible verse and the saying on the back of the flower.

 “Do not worry about what you will eat or drink; or what you will wear. See how the lilies grow?” Matthew 6:25-34



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