Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack’s Garden ~ Once Upon a Book

Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole

Book Summary: A beautifully illustrated story based on the House That Jack Built, Jack’s Garden doesn’t just tell a story but teaches as well. It has labeled drawings of garden tools, insects in the soil, seeds, clouds, parts of plants, plants, butterflies, birds, and other insects.

What Will Be in Your Garden?

It is almost time to start planting in my area, and my children and I have been planning what we would like to grow in our garden. We talked about foods we’d like to grow such as green beans and pumpkins, and we also decided we’d like to try to plant some sunflowers and a butterfly garden too! You might have your child “draw” their garden plans, or draw them together.


Last year Jenn shared how her boys made their very own garden plans based on the Square Foot Garden. She has a printable grid plus instructions in this post: Muncha!Muncha!


After reading books and seeing garden supplies in the stores, my little girls were itching to plant something! I purchased herb kits at the Target Dollar Spot so that each child could have their own seedling to care for. See how captivated all three of them are? They took their job seriously as they filled the pots and placed the seeds. Each child will be in charge of watering and caring for their little plants. It will be ok if they unearth the seeds to check on growth, or plant and replant these seeds. These seedlings are for them to touch, watch, and explore. Hopefully the plants will survive, but if they don’t, it’s ok. This is one way young children learn about nature and their surroundings.  Here are a few more easy seed starter ideas:


Last year we made our own egg-shell Chia pets. This was fun to see grow! We did this during our Gg is for Gorilla week. You can use the same concept and use the egg shells are seed starters. Plant a seed and let it grown. Later you can transplant them in the soil right in their egg container.

We also used ZooPals cups to grow grass seeds. I did this planting activity with a group of preschoolers and they loved it. The nice thing was that when the children had to bring their seeds home, the lid helped prevent dirt spills.


When the weather’s a little warmer, my girls will have their own spot in our big garden too. Sometimes getting dirty is a good thing!  For even more garden ideas, check out my Garden-themed Pinterest board.

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