Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jack’s Garden: Rhymes ~ Once Upon a Book

  Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole

Book Summary: A beautifully illustrated story based on the House That Jack Built, Jack’s Garden doesn’t just tell a story but teaches as well. It has labeled drawings of garden tools, insects in the soil, seeds, clouds, parts of plants, plants, butterflies, birds, and other insects.

Garden Poems and Rhymes:

planting tomatoes


A Seed Needs

To the tune of "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay"

I see you are a seed,
Tell me what do you need,
I need some soil to grow,
And then the sun to glow,
Water to make me wet,
Air for my leaves to get,
Space for my roots to spread,
Now I'm a plant.

Iram Khan



The Gardening Song

First you take a shovel, a rake, and a hoe
Plant a little garden, Plant seeds in a row
Water them and weed them
Through all the summer heat
And then you'll have some…
Flowers or vegetables to eat.


There are so many rhymes and poems that go along with the plant and garden theme. Pick a few to work on during the week. Sing them while observing plants, while watering your garden, or after reading a book. I’m always amazed that when paired with a song or rhyme, my young children can memorize anything.


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