Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finger Painting Letter Practice ~ Little Hands-on ABC’s and 123’s

little handson Abc 123 

I have found that combining finger painting and letter practice is a fun and easy way for little ones to practice working with letters.  IMG_9875

To set up, I gave Emily and Juliette a large sheet of tin foil.  I wanted them to have enough room to explore the paint and also be able to make nice sized letters.  I added some finger paint in the colors of their choice to the tin foil and had them mix it around.




At first they just enjoyed making lines and squiggles and mazes.


Next, I told Emily that she could make letters too.  She wanted to try an E for the first letter of her name.  Then she wiped it away  I had her to try another letter.  We took turns picking letters, writing them and then making the sound.  Since the letters in the paint are so easy to wipe away if she made a mistake she could easily try again.  As Emily got older she now likes to try to write the different words that she knows too.

For Juliette, I would form the letter first, let her trace over it with her finger and then have her try her own next to mine.  So this activity can be adapted to be used with a wide range of ages and abilities. 

Little Hands-on ABC’s and 123’s is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on practical and simple ideas that you can do at home to help your tot develop their letter and number skills.



Gabrielle said...

Fun idea. I sneak in some letter learning fun by keeping dollar store shaving cream in the shower. Just squirt a bit on the wall, spread it around, and then little ones are free to "draw" to their heart's content, and the clean up couldn't be easier!

Michelle Marckesano said...

Thank you, and what a great idea with the shaving cream I know my girls would LOVE doing that!

LouanneMason said...


Beckee Hupp said...

Love it!  Fun for the kids and easy for the parents.