Monday, March 16, 2009

Bible Bites ~ I AM...Week 3

Week 3: I am the good shepherd. John 10:11

In the morning, read this week's verse together. Explain to your tot that a shepherd takes care of sheep. Sheep trust the shepherd so much that they will follow the shepherd anywhere! You might want to watch this YouTube clip of a shepherd in Italy: watch how his sheep follow him!

Later that morning, set your tot's favorite snack and drink in an unusual location in the house. Then, don your tot in a wooly sweater, a cotton-ball head-band, or a full-fledged sheep costume. Tell your tot that you will act the part of a good shepherd and your tot will act the part of the sheep. Expect lots of "baaa-ing". Tell your "sheep" that if she trusts you and follows you wherever you go, she will be so happy about the food and drink you will lead her to. Have fun with your "journey" around the house, ultimately leading your "sheep" to the yummy snack. As your "sheep" enjoys her reward, remember the verse together and explain that Jesus is our good shepherd. When we trust and follow Him, He leads us to good food and water for our hearts!

Memorize the verse and tape pictures of sheep, cotton balls, and shepherd-hook sticks to your "I am" poster. You can get images to download for your poster here too!


Anonymous said...

cute idea on the snack! we will have to do that!!!

here are 2 great books for LO's too:

Jesus is our good shepherd by V. Gilbert Beers


The Lord is my Shepherd by Hans Wilhelm

Unknown said...

Great book tip! I just ordered Hans Wilhelm book for our library!

Thanks for sharing the "I AM" with us!

Love and blessings,