Sunday, March 15, 2009

TOTally Working for Me ~ Target

I will preface this post by mentioning that I do not work for Target in any way shape or form. But there are days that I feel like I could live there and be a happy woman, {grins}

When Target first came to our town they had a coupon for a lovely $10 gift certificate if you transferred a prescription and I quickly had a prescription filled there. And ever since, I have been hooked because of two lovely things: color coded medicine bottles (a specific color for each member of the family) and oral syringe dispensers for liquid prescriptions.

We have 6 people in our family (8 if you count the fact that my parents are currently living with us too) so having a set color for medicine bottles, especially when several kids are sick, can be extremely helpful. All the important information is also attached to the bottle using a great little slider card.

Kaleb also has allergies to specific antibiotics and isn't able to get the 'tastier' ones. We tried using a spoon to measure out the meds and that ended up being a HUGE disaster. Enter the oral syringe from Target. It fits into the top of the bottle and it quickly draws the medicine out and measures it easily. When we started using the oral syringe to give Kaleb his medicine it saved so much time and trouble.

I do love the convenience of a drive-through for some prescriptions...and wandering around the clearance aisles at Target for 20 minutes to have a prescription filled can be dangerous to my pocketbook {ahem}, but I am definitely in love with their creative ideas that help make my life a little easier.

And that is TOTally Working for Me!

Do you have something that is working for you and your tot? We'd love to hear about it!


Annette W. said...

My 2 yo had to have .3 ml of heart medicine 4 times a day as a air bubbles allowed. Using the topper that allows the bottle of liquid medicine to be inverted was a lifesaver for my husband and me. We just got ours from a Walgreens, but it was absolutely needed to make a stressful time less stressful.
Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Target!! The color coding is so helpful and the little inserts that stay on the medicine are priceless. I don't have to go and look for the information that I probably threw away!!

Jolanthe said...

I'm with you Kelly! :)