Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ I Like Stars


I Like Stars by Margaret Wise Brown

Summary: A simple poem describing all kinds of stars that appear in the night sky.

Watercolor I Like Stars...


  • White Cardstock or construction paper
  • Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Crayons
  • Watered down black paint

To Make:

  • Take your construction paper/cardstock and draw stars on it using your crayons. (My Lo helped, she drew a red butterfly and moon. She said, "the moon was a great full moon!" )
  • Give the starred paper to your LO along with the cup of watered down black paint and let them paint.
  • The stars will pop through the paint and it will look like the last page of the I Like Stars book.

Clothespin Stars Game...


  • clothespins
  • markers
  • posterboard or laminated stars

To Make:

  • cut out stars out of white posterboard or construction paper (if using construction paper, laminate for sturdy stars)
  • Color your posterboard stars and clothespins (each star gets a clothespin)

To Play:

  • Lay the stars out on to the floor
  • Placed colored the clothespins in a bag
  • Let LO pull out a clothespin and clip it to the matching star!
  • **for added fun you can do each point on the star gets that colored of clothespins if you have enough to go around!**

Stay Tuned...For our next Once Upon A Book, you'll need spring magazine clippings (ex: old flower catalogs, garden magazines, birds, and anything with pictures of spring things!) for the book, God Made Spring!


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

I LOVE the Once Upon a Book feature! You MUST MUST MUST post here more often!

Sandra said...

Great Ideas as always!
You are a great addition to Totally Tots Shannon.