Monday, March 9, 2009


I am so honored and thankful to introduce you to another new Behind the Scenes member here at Totally Tots. Many of you probably already know Jill from her wonderful and inspiring blog, Forever n' Ever n' Always. You can also read more about here her in her bio for Totally Tots. The awesome photo below shows almost her entire family, she even has one more, a precious son who was adopted recently!Jill is coming on board in a bit of a different capacity and I feel led to explain this to you as it is something that has been prayed over and I feel is completely led by God. Jill has had an interest in being a part of this blog since the beginning, and I have wanted her on board. We have both just been praying about the perfect fit and where God could best use her here. She has talents in many areas and is an amazing writer, so it was hard to narrow anything down.

As the month has passed it became apparent to me, for several reasons, that it would be good for me to have a spiritual mentor and guide here. As we post weekly about the Bible, and things of God, I realized what an overwhelming responsibility this is. I am a BIG believer in accountability and mentor ship and it dawned on me that I needed that for myself and the others writing here at Totally Tots. I do not know Jill personally, as I do not know any of the writers we have here personally. I feel that God has led the choices along the way and God has revealed Jill to me as the person to help in this way.

So, I hope you will welcome Jill along with me, as she guides me spiritually behind the scenes, helps me work out any issues, helps me make decisions about certain things, and holds me accountable in a loving Christ-like way. She will also be writing for the blog too, under a few different features that she feels led to. We may even develop a new feature in honor of her passion...stay tuned for that!


Debbie Petras said...

Jill will be perfect in this role. Even though I've never met her face to face, it's so obvious that she is indeed very gifted and that the Lord will use her mightily.

L2L said...

Yeah, I look forward to Jill's guidance on this blog, I follow her blog and it will be nice to see here at work here too!!!!

Sharon Sloan said...

Wow...that's great. Welcome Jill!
And I love this blog. First visit. My cherubs aren't "tots" any more, but I'll be back to visit again and refer friends here!