Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simply Made ~ St. Pat's Sensory Tub

This is a lot of fun for LO’s, plus you can reuse it year after year if you store it in a big ziploc baggie! You can store them in a copy paper box and just grab which ever one you want... it's fast, simple, and easy! Need:

  • rubbermaid type container
  • split peas
  • rice (that you will color green with food coloring)
  • lima beans that you paint yellow/gold or gold chocolate coins
  • egg carton cup
  • tweezers

To Make:

  • Dye the rice(directions at the bottom of this post) and let it dry, then add it and the split peas to the rubbermaid container.
  • Toss in your gold pieces (beans or chocolate coins or both).
  • Just make sure you have enough rice to hide the gold pieces and you're ready to go!

To Play:
Have your LO dig for the gold pieces and tweeze them out and into an egg carton cup ”pot” so they have their own pot of gold.

(I have a Sensory Tub idea for after Saint Patrick's day that uses the green rice and split peas so you will use it for awhile if you are wondering if its worth the expense! They both are super cheap unless your sensory tub is huge that is)

How to dye rice or pasta..


  • ziploc baggies (or containers w/ tight fitting lids)
  • food coloring paste or liquid
  • wax paper
  • cookie sheet

To Do:

  • Put your rice or pasta in the ziploc baggie or container.
  • Add the food coloring or paste, seal up, and start shaking and kneading it around the baggie, until all the rice or pasta is covered and colored.
  • If you want it darker add more and repeat the shaking and kneading the baggie.
  • If using the container just shake and you can roll it to back and forth just make sure the lid is a tight fitting lid and I always put a big piece of packing tape over the lid so it can’t come off!
  • After its all colored spread it out on to the wax paper to dry over night and now you're ready to use in your sensory tub, or you can also use the pasta for stringing and stuff!

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Bran said...

cute idea! I've had colored rice in our table this week and my dd is LOVING it! I'll have to try the beans.