Monday, March 2, 2009

Simply Made ~ Egg Carton Counting

After reading many things about homeschooling my 42 mo old I was inspired to create a new Tot Tool to help her with numbers and counting. Here is what I recently came up with... an "Egg Carton Counting System."

Materials Needed:
An empty egg carton
Printed numbers or number stickers
Fruit Loops, Cheerios, beans, any little object that can be used for counting

Putting it together:
First place a number in each compartment of the egg carton.
Then provide your child with the counting material of choice. We used Fruit Loops!
He or she is to then place the number of corresponding materials in each slot of the egg carton. This will help with number recognition, fine motor skills, and counting.
The end result...should look something like this!! Alternative for the Wee Ones; for younger children the tray can be used as a simple counting tray, instead of placing the correct number of items in the compartments he/she can simply place one object in each compartment counting 1, 2, 3, etc.

This Simply Made post was written by Jenny, you can visit her at her blog, Wee Explorers. Thanks Jenny for sharing this great idea!

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Frugal Sara said...

We have also done an activity with egg cartons by painting the inside of the carton different colors and using matching colored pom poms to sort.