Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did You Know ~ Organic Skin Care

Did you know that food isn't the only area we should be cautious about when it comes to organic choices? I am personally a new convert to organic skin/hair care products, and after getting over my financial concerns, I feel great about our decision as a family. We are not 100% organic for me and my husband, or even our oldest kids, but I am going 100% for our new baby and plan to stay that way until she is at least 3-the critical years. We are NOT rich, this is a sacrifice we are choosing to make, honestly if I thought we could afford it I would convert our entire family with every product-I just need to be wise :).

As for organic baby skin/hair care products, I feel it is the next step for us (we have already switched all foods to organic for our littlest ones, and mostly organic for us bigger ones). I want to give our baby the best chance to NOT be adversely affected by the chemicals she is exposed to. My husband battled cancer this past year (and WON) and it really got me going again about the chemicals we are exposed to.

Let me say, I am NO expert in this area, but here is where I began reading and learning...

Safe Mama (here is the direct link to all of her posts about Skin Care)

Here is a very recent article about this issue:

USA Today article (here's Safe Mam's post regarding this article and the findings of the study)

I now check all of our products here at Skin Deep. I was pleased to find that some of the kid's products we use regularly are in the "Moderate Hazard Zone" (ex: Huggies Extra Sensitive Fragrance Free wash) but that still wasn't OK for our newest arrival. I scoured the list of products that received a 0-1 rating and decided on #3 on their list, which is the shampoo/baby wash from this company...

Part of the reason I chose this line is because I LOVE the smell of coconut, and that was the scent option they feature! Here you can see more of Nature's Paradise Baby Organics ratings. I ordered their big bottle of wash, the baby gift basket (so I could try the other baby items) and I also ordered a few products for the bigger members of the family (they had free shipping for orders totalling $100!)! There was also a coupon code for an additional 15% off, simple09. I am not sure when this coupon code expires though.

I hope to have Jill and/or Laura piggy back off of this post and share their thoughts on natural and organic skin care in the next couple of weeks. There are many areas I know very little about! I hope to get their thoughts on summer skin care specifically as we all think about how to best protect our tots from the sun and from BUGS!!!!


Unknown said...

Awesome resources Carisa!

I will put together more information and the products we use and why!

Praying every Mom/Dad truly considers the health of their skin - it is the only one we get!

Blessings and love,

Unknown said...

This really interests me. My youngest has very sensitive skin and eczema. I'm trying to find her some really safe and sensitive soap. Any suggestions?

Carisa said...

The Nature's Organics line (that I linked to and ordered from) talks a lot about this , especially in many of the testimonials on their site. I have never had this issue with my boys, so can't speak from experience. Go to their site and read their FAQ section too.

I would also read about some of the products listed in the 0-1 section of the Skin Deep site to get more ideas.

Maybe someone who has a child with the same issues can offer their advice...

:) Carisa

Jenn said...

We too recently made the switch to all organic personal care and cleaning products and I LOVE it!!!! Not only do I think the products are safer for my family, I think they are just better products! They're not as expensive as I thought and they are becoming easier to find. Infact, we buy most of them at Target! Because we do need to consider the cost, we try and buy as many generic organic store brands (like whole foods 360 brand) as possible. Infact, in Jan. (when we made the switch) we bought WF brand shampoo, conditioner and lotion-3 for $10. That comes to $3.3 per bottle-which were all 32 oz. Me and my hubby plus our 3 year old and 10 mo. all use the same products and it's worked out great for all of us!

I think it's also very important to switch over cleaning products as well! I never realized how carcinogenic those products were. We switched our clorox products to Heiz white vinegar. Not only is it safer, but it's every bit as a disinfectant.

Check out this mommy blog for all sorts of great information and tips:

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...


Skin Deep is an EXCELLENT resource for finding out how toxic your skin care is. I used to work (sometimes still do) for a natural mothering store and we've always really stressed the importance of non/low toxic products for babies. In the past year we've expanded into adult skin care and make up and it's amazing to see how much more informed mommys are when buying any topical products for their families.
I am also an Esthetician and I am so glad you posted about the importance of non toxic skin care. So many people think it's unnecessary but the skin is the body's largest organ and it absorbs a huge amount of what we apply into our bloodstream. Often people dismiss how serious the issue of toxins in skin care, makeup and other topical products are. When you think about it though, it makes perfect sense. These toxins, carcinogens, hormone altering products enter our bloodstream in large amounts on a daily basis. We are opening our bodies up to a whole host of problems from minor irritations to cancers.
People also think that organic and non toxic means expensive but not necessarily. There are lots of affordable and products priced in the same range as others. And the more this trend rises, the more we will see products coming on the market and prices lowering. An easier way on the pocketbook to make the switch is to finish out the products you have then when you would normally buy new ones but better ones.
Lastly, I just want to say PLEASE don't forget about your make up and sunscreen! Check out what you use on Skin Deep.

Thank you for opening up this discussion and good for you for making the switch in many areas.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

OH! Soleo sunscreen in very very low toxin (but it's pretty expensive). It's got amazing UVA UVB coverage and is one of the few that can be used on newborns (check with your dr first of course)and if you are pregnant.
Soleo is organic and is the first to be approved by the National Health and Safety Counsel of Australia (think hole in the ozone)...we use it and a lot of friends do as well. (no I don't work for them)

Ashley said...

Organic skincare products are really best and healthy for the skin in summers!! I prefer to use them!!