Monday, March 23, 2009

Bible Bites ~ I AM...Week 4

Week 4: I am the door. John 10:9
Remember those sheep? Well, this week, they run through a door!

At the beginning of this video, you and your tot can see a good shot of sheep pouring through a gate into a pasture (you don't need the sound on, just watch the first little part and talk your tot thorough the sheep running through the gate!) . Watch the video together and explain that, just as the sheep could run happily through the gate into a pasture, Jesus provides the only way for us to run happily into Heaven. Jesus is the door to Heaven!

I don't know about your tot, but I know mine will love running through each doorway of the house chanting, "Jesus is the door to Heaven!" (It's the little things, ya know?)

Memorize the verse and glue a door to your "I am" poster (glue along the left hand side so that the door can open and close). You can get images to download for your poster here too!

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