Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crafty Corner ~ Rainbows

My kid's and I had a really fun week studying rainbows and St. Patrick. Here's one craft we did. I originally got the idea for this craft from the Crafty Crow, but they used Crepe paper. I didn't have enough colors of that around, and being the cheap skate that I am I decided to use construction paper instead. I just cut strips of construction paper in rainbow colors. I also drew clouds on white cardstock and cut them out. The kids (Sweetpea is 40 mos old) glued the strips onto the clouds. Then they glued cotton balls onto the cloud. The finished product. I think they are very cute ;) This Crafty Corner post was written by Abbie, you can visit her at her blog, Second Star to the Right and Straight on Till Morning. Thanks Abbie for sharing this great craft idea!


tie-dyed doula said...

Love the rainbows! They look easy and fun with not much prep time-my kind of craft! Just out of curiosity, what are the other crafts shown in the background...? care to share?
shine on!

Anonymous said...

we love rainbows too!!! We are going to make these tomorrow!!!

Unknown said...

If you go to my blog. You can see a few more of them ;)