Thursday, March 5, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Beep, Beep, Vroom, Vroom


Book Summary: The yellow cars beep! The red cars vroom! As Molly plays with her big brother’s toy cars, readers will see and recognize patterns, an essential first step in learning to reason from the specific to the general. But can Molly put the cars back in the right order before her brother returns?

This book was so fitting for our house! Who hasn’t gone through this with siblings! One builds something or lines up the cars ready for play after school and then the younger sibling plays with them and messes things up! But that aside, this is a great book about patterns! We enjoyed it and we love all the MathStart books they make math fun and entertaining for kids!


Car Painting:

paper plates

Directions: pour the paint on to plates a different plate for each color, place a car in each color, give your LO the paper and paint and let them play! We love this paint activity, it's so much fun! We have this painting framed in the girls' room!

Car Patterns: (they are both gold in color enough that my youngest knew which car was next)

camera (optional)

Directions: gather up all your LO’s cars and place them on the floor next to you and your LO. Start a pattern and have LO guess the last car to complete the pattern, You can take pictures of the patterns and have them printed off to make pattern card activities for later pattern work!

Our Car Town Mat:
Here is my girls Car Town Mat it's the best 10 bucks we ever spent! We made it a little over 6 years ago and its still used tons! I don’t know if they make the fabric anymore but you might want to check your local fabric store! Its super easy I just glued the fabric on to the press board with spray adhesive! Here's a few Amazon sells, in case you're not up for making your own!


Clemencia said...

I love the car painting, great idea for this book :)

Elisabeth said...

I love this whole site! Thanks for all of your contributions and hard work. It's my favorite blog to check out!

PS - I gave you a shout out on my blog!!

Unknown said...

We LOVE our one from IKEA. It gets played with everyday... It is good quality, and in IKEA tradition: inexpensive! :)

Ticia said...

I love the Math Start books as well. They're fun to read to the kids. One of our favorites is Monster Musical Chairs.