Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet...G man


The “G” Man is 38 Months (3 years and 2 months) and is a brainy ball of sugar (energy)! He has one younger sister who is 17 months old. He is 100% sanguine. He loves to be with people and is a happy go lucky kinda guy. He his sweet and very polite. He has lots of energy and loves to be outdoors. He loves music and musical instruments. He always uses his imagination by using objects around the house to turn into a violin or a guitar. He can even identify the sound of an instrument by it’s sound! G man loves to explore his world with his hands and yes… his mouth (especially if it is wet or cold). I can already see that he will be the athletic smart guy who gets A+’s with little work. He knows countless words in sign language including the entire alphabet! He can also recite about 25 scripture verses including it’s reference! I describe these little guys as having empty computers and it is up to the parent to fill that computer with whatever they choose. I choose things that will last a lifetime and beyond into eternity! I love seeing him learn new things!

His (and Mommy's) Top Ten Tot School Tools...

  1. Play Doh
  2. Bottle cap name plate
  3. Counting Beans (homemade egg carton with numbers in the bottom of each egg holder. He uses buttons or glass bead you see in flower vases)
  4. Discovery Toys Discovery Bugs
  5. Bulldoze rice in a baking tin
  6. StarFall
  7. Online games for toddlers – his two favorites are SNM#1 and knee bouncers (not mouse necessary- press any button
  8. Magnetic Mighty Mind
  9. Bingo Daubers

Favorite DVD’s

  1. Little Einsteins
  2. Signing Time
  3. Leap Frog - Letter Factory
  4. Rock 'N Learn: Alphabet
  5. Charlie and Lola
  6. Blue's Clues

Favorite Books

  1. Favorite Bible Hero’s by Children’s Bible Classics
  2. Flip flash Alphabet Published by Byeway Books
  3. First Virtues for Toddlers by Dr Mary Manz Simon
  4. Corduroy (anniversary addition) By Don Freeman
  5. Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

G-Man's Mommy blogs at Shaping Little Souls

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k-e-household said...

Thank you for your list of school tools! I love finding new ideas/websites from them. I bookmarked the online toddler games. :)