Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cute Tots

Tots sure are cute, aren't they! Be sure to click on the photos to visit the mom bloggers of these cute tots!

Want to send in a photo of your Cute Tot? Click Here!


Unknown said...

Ok that little one in the tub is just TOO cute - those eye lashes - WOW!

Thanks for sharing more cute tots!


babygirl said...

i see my lil princess on your site shes the one with the mickey mouse ears. thank you for putting her picture up

LaToya said...

Thanks for posting my son's picture. He's going to be so excited!!!

Karin Katherine said...

Thanks for putting up a picture of our littlest princess...and yes, her eye lashes seem to be an attention grabber. I have no idea where they came from because I sure don't have eye lashes like that!