Thursday, March 26, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Duckie's Rainbow


Duckie's Rainbow by Frances Berry

Summary: Turn the graduated pages of this unique shaped book to help Duckie find her way home -- and you'll marvel at the dazzling rainbow that appears when she gets there. Duckie is in a hurry to get home. She walks through a red poppy field, hops under an orange bridge, waddles around a yellow cornfield, rushes past a big green tree, and paddles across a deep blue pond. By the time she reaches her nest, purple clouds have begun to rain, but don't worry -- the book's rounded pages, each one smaller than the last, form a spectacular rainbow on the last spread! With the boldest of colors and enchantingly simple shapes, Frances Barry's collage illustrations combine with an ingenious format for an eye-popping concept-book debut.

We love this book, the rainbow slowly appears before your LO's eyes!! You can talk about each color and see each color as it is added to rainbow at the end of the book.

Rainbow Stew:


  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • food coloring
  • Ziploc baggies (6 total)
  • tape

To Make:

  • place all ingredients into a saucepan and stir until all blended and no lumps
  • cook until thick
  • divide into 3 bowls, now add your food coloring: add blue to one, red to one and yellow to the other (mix the color in so your stew is all that color)
  • Color Mixing: in 3 baggies place the following combo
    Put Blue/Red in one baggie
    Put Blue/Yellow in one baggie
    Put Red/Yellow in one baggie

  • Seal up the baggies and place inside another baggie. If you think your LO will be tempted to open it tape the top shut!
  • Now let them smash, squeeze the colors together and make a new color!

For an added bonus print this color mixing rainbow worksheet:Rainbow Pasta Rainbow/Necklace


  • Rainbow worksheet or draw one yourself
  • baggies
  • food coloring
  • wax paper lined cookie sheet
  • colored pasta

To Make:

  • place your pasta into a baggie, add some food coloring and seal the baggie
  • give to your LO and let them shake it up until pasta is covered
  • open and lay out on wax paper
  • repeat to color more pasta different colors
  • let pasta dry (this is very fast)
  • get out your Rainbow and some glue and have LO squeeze glue on to the rainbow and place pasta all over it to make their own Rainbow
Or ...
get out some yarn and pipe cleaner and string colored pasta to make necklaces and bracelets!

Stay Tuned...For our next Once Upon A Book, we will be starting our monthly theme all about the POND! Our first book will be In the Small, Small Pond.


Clemencia said...

Thank you so much for your great ideas, and sharing with us, I have an award for you in my blog here

Frugal Sara said...

I love the pasta and the rainbow! We will be learning the letter "R" in a few weeks and will have to do this craft! Also, another idea for the rainbow stew, we have used shaving cream and food coloring. My boys loved watching the colors mix together!