Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tot Food ~ Moving to Tuesday's!

We are moving the weekly Mr Linky to Tuesday's, to make it more accessible to moms who take a computer break over the weekend! Save your posts and link them up on Tuesday! If you haven't written your post yet, here's how to get started and join in the lunch-sharing fun...

You can just share the photos, or also share any info about what was on the plate (did your tot like it, what was it, how to make it, etc.). If you missed our examples from the first week, you can see them here.

You can ONLY link to the weekly Mr Linky if you write a post exclusively for this, link to that exact post (not your homepage), and provide a link back to Totally Tots in your post. I hate to be a meanie-but we gotta have rules or it won't work! If you have any questions, let me know. If you need help with how to do a direct link, go here and scroll down to see a photo-tutorial (just ignore the Tot School part). You are welcome to add your "What's on Your Tot's Plate" link anytime between Tuesday and Monday of the following week-be sure to come back to see other plates later in the week. We will put up a new Mr Linky each Tuesday.

You can right click and copy the graphic at the top of this post if you would like to use it in your post. You certainly don't have to, but are welcome to.


Unknown said...

Thanks Carisa - I appreciate the move!

Lots of love,

Unknown said...

Thanks Carisa,

I just can't seem to get on the comp. over most weekends! Tuesday works much better.