Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ God Made Spring


Summary: The adorable Really Woolly® characters bring an exciting Spring book for little ones. With whimsical Really Woolly® art, delightful lift-a-flaps, and sweet touch-and-feel elements, little ones will engage with this book. Join the Really Woolly® lamb as he explores the wonders of Spring from butterflies to new babies. What's inside the egg? Do you know? A little bird starts to grow! Thank You God for the gift of Spring! We're so glad You made everything!

Spring Collage:


  • Old flower catalogs, wildlife magazines like Big Backyard and Ranger Rick, garden magazines, bird in bloom, anything with pictures of Spring things!
  • Glue
  • Card stock or 11x14 Poster board

To Make:

  • Ahead of time cut out tons of pictures that are spring like place them in your collage box
  • After reading the book get out the spring collage box, card stock or poster board and glue
  • Let LO squeeze glue onto paper and place a picture on top. This is a great motor skill activity! If you think your LO will use to much glue or is if they are real young then water down some glue and paint it onto the paper like paint with a paintbrush (just make sure to soak it overnight in real hot water to remove all glue!) (My LO wouldn't put any flowers of any type, just animals!!! She loves her animals!!!!)

Spring Nature Walk:

Put on your hiking shoes, some sunscreen, grab some water and head out on a nature hike! We are lucky we have 2 nature trails in our little town and our neighborhood has woods too so it's super easy for us!

Even if you don't have a Nature Trail near you, just head out on a neighborhood walk and look for all the blooming flowers and baby animals!

Spring Bottle:

While on your walk have LO gather items that remind them of spring. Mine gathered a tree bud off our magnolia tree, some grass, clover, and some leaves.

When you get home lay them out to dry if they are moist. After they are dry put them in an empty water bottle that has dried. Tighten the cap and tape shut! If you add some spring potpourri punch a few holes on the side so you can smell spring too!

Stay Tuned...For our next Once Upon A Book, you'll need ziploc baggies, cornstarch, sugar, and food coloring for the book, Duckie's Rainbow!

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Unknown said...

These are some fun ideas. I just found your blog today and LOVE it! I wanted to let you know I included a link to Totally Tots in my Around the Blogosphere post today. Thanks for having an awesome site!